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Frage Path of Exile comprehensive introduction of various classes

2 Wochen 5 Tage her #134 von Aderrane
Aderrane erstellte das Thema Path of Exile comprehensive introduction of various classes
First of all, let’s take a look at the official introduction of each profession. There are 7 occupations, they are witches, barbarians, sacred monks, rangers, duelists, shadow assassins, and a hidden profession. After saving the nobility in the distance, you can choose to hide the professional “noble”.

The attribute of the sacred monk is power wisdom. The national costume should be translated into error and become agile. He is a profession of partial elements, and the elemental system can be an elemental attack or elemental totem. The standard meat shield output, the tank-like crushing pleasure, the shortcoming is naturally the output is slightly insufficient, suitable for novices to blame, there are also many playing elements totem. This is the mage profession in the traditional sense. Although it is crispy but the group attack is high, the newbie is actually good.

Agile remote DPS, although the official display is easy to get started, I think it is not easy to get started, because the low damage in the early stage is not a group attack, but also particularly crisp. The duelist is a half-meat melee DPS, similar to the swordsman, swordsman and other professions (not the game king’s duelist).

Agile intelligence melee DPS, when using the rushing skills to flash and use some trap class skills, more suitable for players who like wretched and elegant, such as me. This career introduction is only for novices. You can play it in the late stage. It is not qualitative, but as a newbie, it is mainly to play the blame leveling task, so the first number will use the most convenient point method. Don’t worry about a quick one.

Hiding the professional aristocrats, he needs to reach the third chapter to save the aristocrats in more than 30 levels. This occupation is a very comprehensive occupation and looks very good, (because no one has yet to get it, there is no picture for the time being). When you unlock this career, I believe that your understanding of each profession has been very deep. Since the nobility is a hidden profession, it is definitely more powerful. Players who like the nobles will quickly go to customs clearance to unlock it!

After reading these pictures, are you considering which career to choose? Don’t panic, the professional settings of this game are different from other games. The occupation basically does not affect the use of any items and skills. Below I will say Say what newcomers need to pay attention to when choosing a career.

First, the different effects of occupation:
1. Different models
It’s important to choose the one you like, but the characters in this game are very special, the sick witch, the savage assassin, the lively ranger, the arrogant duelist, the wild barbarian, the devout church. Monk, but this game can’t pinch the face or choose the gender, so which model to choose is really what you like.

2. The starting position of the talent is different
All games in this game share a talent  map , but different careers have different starting positions on the talent map. For example, if you want to force the Assassin to play the Master, you need to circle a large circle to point out the talents that the Master needs. The game gives the player the talent tree of all the professions, but it will be easy to abandon the character with a little carelessness. After practicing a number of roles, you will find that as long as the player is not mentally retarded, first understand the talents you want to play, and lock the core talent points. After the player masters this anti-stagnation method, each genre mainly needs the player to select a few core points and talent loops, and the remaining talents are where there is not enough. In the future, I will focus on analyzing several mainstream gameplays for everyone.

In fact, with many RPG games, each level of reward attribute points, every few levels reward a big point for players to freely select the core talent is not much different. And the game can’t be washed at will. The cost of washing the player is huge, so it is better to wash it later.

3. Mission rewards are different
Different professions will get different rewards for the same tasks, and the rewards will be closer to your career, so if you want to play the talents of a non-professional career, you will take some detours and spend more time and energy.

4. The starting ability values ​​are different. They all have the same chance to get  PoE currency . If you want to get more  Exalted orb , you can do a few  PoE Vendor Recipes . The following are the starting ability values ​​of each occupation.
Barbarian (Power): 32 Strength, 14 Agility, 14 Wisdom
Ranger (Agile): 14 Strength, 32 Agility, 14 Wisdom
Witch (Wisdom): 14 Strength, 14 Agility, 32 Wisdom
Duelist (Power / Agility): 23 Strength, 23 Agility, 14 Wisdom
Templar (Power / Wisdom): 23 Power, 14 Agility, 23 Wisdom
Shadow Assassin (Agile/Wisdom): 14 Strength, 23 Agility, 23 Wisdom
Noble (power / agility / wisdom): 20 power, 20 agility, 20 wisdom

From the difference in starting ability, we can also see that each profession actually has its own official direction setting (mentioned above), and the aristocracy is equivalent to the all-around type. As long as it is not a casual egg, don’t try to wind around. Waypoint talent, usually plays the game like what type of career to choose the corresponding occupation of this game.

Second, different career upgrade rewards are the same
When each career is upgraded, it won’t gain strength/agile/wisdom attributes, but instead
Start +50 maximum life, each level +12 maximum life
Start +40 maximum magic, each level +4 maximum magic
Start +50 point dodge value, +3 point dodge value per level
+2 point hits per level

Third, career choice advice
1. If you like to play power melee, then play barbarians.
2. If you like to play agile melee, play the duel.
3. If you like to play the wizard, then play the witch.
4. If you like to play hunters and archers, then play Ranger.
5. If you like to play with the type of shaman, then play the templar.
6. If you like to play assassin thieves, then play Shadow Assassin.
7. Regarding the nobility, you have played the nobility. If you like to play, you don’t need me to say it. You must be well informed.

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