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Frage Path of Exile farming currency map selection strategy

2 Monate 3 Wochen her - 2 Monate 3 Wochen her #108 von Aderrane
Aderrane erstellte das Thema Path of Exile farming currency map selection strategy
(1) farming currency map selection

This season's farming currency is more popular with several maps, t2 glaciers, t5 claustrophobic, t11 lairs.

It is hard to say which one is bigger, and the individual hit 140 Exalted Orbs in the claustrophobic week (a headhunter). Next, you might try the glaciers. After all, there is 3 enthusiasm for seeking knowledge.

The nest's quiver card and bright environment are also good choices.

Farming currency is a very boring process. The selection of pictures determines the fun of your next hunting currency, so this is left to everyone to consider, not to elaborate here, mainly about how to lock the map and continue to map.

(2) Lock map

The basic principle of the locking map is to use the [3 corresponding grades of the sextant + 1 recast stone] to sell to the NPC to obtain the same order [graphic seal], which will make the completed map become unfinished. Disappear from the dropped map pool. In order to ensure that we only drop the map to be brushed, we need to seal all the maps except the expected graph, as well as all the higher-order graphs (the blue monster and the golden monster have the probability to drop the +1 order graph, and the boss may have the +2 order, But generally do not play boss and boss only one so no lock + 2 order). In addition to this, the map will also drop the map adjacent to the desired map. Taking claustrophobia as an example, in the case where we have completed all the 1-4 steps, claustrophobia has a chance to drop any 1-4 graph, so we don’t need to make any 1-4 steps to ensure the completion rate of the illustration. Action, only need to upgrade the adjacent two t6 with t6 plastic jade and elder jade, so that they become claustrophobic +6 and clausal +11 and so on, so that it will not fall.

(3) Continued

After we have completed the above lock chart step, we can brush it happily. At this time, many cute questions are there. Why do I only drop a picture that is lower than the one I want, and the face is too dark? Continue to play the map will only be more and more if the broken map shows that your map pool is not big enough. When we don't want to buy maps, especially if the international service map is too troublesome, how do we survive? In the case that the pool is not very healthy (generally less than 10), we need to use the nails to fill the map with quality, as much as possible with the sextant, gold, red door fragments, just like our continued T16 The operation, when the pool is in a healthy state, we can enjoy the golden go. I calculate the efficiency of 100 sheets per day. I basically sell 40-50 extra pictures every day. The mosquito legs are also meat. I don't eat white.

The above is the Path of Exile currency farming map choice for everyone, I hope to help everyone.
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