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Frage Skechers Are Cool

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When I returned to Barron’s from vacation skechers boots mens this past week with the beginnings of a holiday beard, it drew zero mentions of Bradley Cooper and one of Harvey Weinstein. I shaved. At home, I put on a new brown fleece that my wife said evoked the animatronic Country Bear Jamboree at Disney World. I often dress in layers—layers of markdowns on colors that other L.L. Bean shoppers couldn’t be persuaded to wear. In other words, there’s reason to suspect that I’m an imperfect judge of fashion. So please tell me: Are Skechers cool?

Mind you, I’m not in the market. For athletic skechers boots womens shoes, I’m set in my ways, preferring New Balance, which Saturday Night Livein a 2013 parody commercial described as “worn by chubby white guys in their late 30s to early 40s.” That is totally unfair, of course; I’ve been past my early 40s for three years now. For golf shoes, I sometimes go with Footjoy, owned by Titleist parent Acushnet Holdings (GOLF), which I’m hoping is a niche enough brand to keep me safe from another SNL burn.

Skechers has something for just skechers shoes for men about everyone: sneakers, sandals, and steel-toe boots for men and women; shoes with blinking soles for kids; styles for marathon running, and ones for elite-level loafing. Many models are $50 to $70. Jay Sole, who covers the stock for UBS, says his firm’s survey data found particular strength with middle-income moms, and that Skechers cleans up on kids shoes. “It’s a value brand, but it’s a cool value brand,” he says. See? I knew it was cool.

Nike and Adidas are reluctant to identify as value skechers shoes for women brands, giving Skechers room to run. It doesn’t have to pay vast sums for endorsements from the likes of LeBron James. Its pitch partners include a young pop star named Camila Cabello, and one not as young, Ringo Starr. There’s retired football great Tony Romo, and PGA crowd favorite Matt Kuchar (Koooch!), who won a tournament this year wearing $150 Skechers GO GOLF Pro 4s.

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