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Frage Players have provided comments during FIFA 20 that

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Gamerzone erstellte das Thema Players have provided comments during FIFA 20 that
The group has worked on these specific mechanisms by profoundly investigating several videos and illustrations sent by the community and expert players around FIFA 20 through the year.One of the top issues raised by the community during FIFA 20 Coins is the"chaining" of ability moves that would lead to an overpowered tactic that can be quite hard to defend against. The team has handled this feedback by adding mistake to consecutive skill moves, increasing the likelihood of the player losing control of the ball. Error is raised exponentially when chaining over two skill-moves, making every subsequent ability move more error prone than the past.

Complex skill moves, like El Tornado or flick-ups for example, will be more error prone in general, increasing the chances for the player to lose control of the ball throughout the ability move.Players have come forward pointing out that many situations a briefer defender would be signaling a taller attacker or a dangerous attacker is not present in the box. The group has been working on improving the intelligence behind these situations, which should result in more realistic marking/positioning when defending or attacking set-pieces in the future.

The effectiveness of manual GK motion has been greatly reduced later on, using a slower and much more realistic move speed. Players controlling the goalkeeper utilizing right-stick manual movement will now have to commit to some direction, improving the risk/reward element. We've received comments from both core and pro players throughout our final feedback sessions and feel confident the changes will address the concerns with the mechanic. Here's how we are addressing moving to our next product:Improved Error on Difficult Position Passing - 180 degrees, first time, and pressured passes situations will result in slower/weaker balls, which makes them simpler and simpler to get intercepted from the opposing team.Increased Accuracy for passes in rather simple scenarios; non-pressured, body-positioned, and no obstacle passes will lead to an increased accuracy pass for these sorts of scenarios.

User Controlled'Dinked' Passes are a new option for ground and through moves. 'Dinked' passes are marginally elevated passes used to prevent a defender's leg. These kinds of moves will no longer be will only happen if executed manually during this new mechanic.Driven Pass-and-Go mechanic will be enabled as yet another passing option, causing a more powerful pass-and-go and much more mobility/positioning while attacking.

Players have provided comments during FIFA 20 that, in some instances, a player would be secured to a loose ball and they weren't able to switch players whenever this would take place. The group is working on enhancing those scenarios, as well as adding clarity to the assisted shifting mechanism, which will now show an option for automatic shifting on Air Balls + Loose Balls scenarios.

Players also provided feedback that switching didn't always choose the right player Buy FUT 20 Coins . The group is working on improving the accuracy of changing in numerous situations, such as air balls, deflections and spans. The group is working on making the ideal rod switching as reactive and consistent as possible, as well as enhancing the intelligence between automatic switching of players nearest to the ball.

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