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Frage Some folks will recall Dofus Kamas

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dom erstellte das Thema Some folks will recall Dofus Kamas
Some folks will recall Dofus Kamas that when the 1.29 servers started into the French community, Ankama's place was that these servers might well exist, however, we weren't going to do some development on them. Some people weren't entirely satisfied, although this was a position that is valid. That's why, in early 2019, we gave the 1.29 community a questionnaire to estimate which improvements would be welcome without changing the gaming experience. The idea was to improve in-game relaxation without adding mechanics which would betray the soul of this match or altering the credibility of the experience. After this survey, we incorporated the improvements that met two criteria: acceptance of ease and this neighborhood of development. This is the variation that we termed DOFUS Retro.

Due to your passion and enthusiasm, we could show that this variant had an audience and that you're prepared to throw yourselves into this"old-school" game mode. More challenges and farming, not to mention slower advancement? You wouldn't be scared by that! That's what encouraged us to keep putting a great deal into this model -- for at least the upcoming few months. Therefore, it's with great pleasure that we have two statements that will -- we hope -- allow you to as happy as usWe're producing a working group that can continue to boost your gaming experience in the coming months, with the goal of improving matters without betraying the authenticity of the game. Attributes aimed at comfort will also be implemented, although there will be bug fixes.

We are also talking with the founder of DOFUS Remastered, a project that intends to improve the visual aspect of the game whilst keeping its special charm, so as to integrate part or all of what it's offers.We would like to take this opportunity to clarify our stance on third-party applications that change the behaviour or appearance of Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro . For your protection, these initiatives are not supported by us. Using this kind of application exposes you to security defects (intentional or unintentional ) that make it feasible to use your personal data (files, contact details, buddy list, social networking, bank account, etc.) and can also create inequality involving players (amount of possible activities, action clarity, etc.).

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